End-to-end upstream services, from seeds to stores
Elevarm believes the complex problems in agriculture must be addressed holistically - not part by part. This belief is manifested in the integrated business model that involves multiple stakeholders to grow the ecosystem together


NextBio, an Elevarm initiative, produces specialized organic agri-inputs for horticulture. Through partnerships with biotech labs and a decentralized production approach, we ensure tailored solutions for each cluster, optimizing profitability and service. Its focus is to develop R&D-based agri-input to boost higher yields with affordable pricings. Our agri-inputs are all well-researched and tested in both lab and open fields to ensure real impact on soil and plants.

Financing Partnerships

In Elevarm, we are fully committed to building pro-farmers financing products. We have developed a scalable framework to ensure an accessible, safe, and reliable product for farmers, Elevarm, and also financial institutions. By leveraging our technology and strong project management, we are able to provide a real time dashboard for financial institutions and insurances to track every cultivation progress, from pre cultivation to post harvest, in order to drive good agricultural practices, maximum yields, and in-time collection process.

Farming Productivity Platform

Elevarm is focusing on efficient tech utilization to empower farmers and all upstream stakeholders. Farming productivity must be improved end to end. At the very core, we position technology as the foundation to grow an inclusive upstream ecosystem and catalyst to expedite positive change and impact. We develop a set of applications that helps us integrate every data point from each business line, from inputs to production to market fulfillment.


Agriculture Trading Platform

Agriculture trading in Indonesia is still very well fragmented. Our mission is to help integrate the fragments by closely connecting high volume demands and our wide supply networks in all our operational areas. PasarAgri is built as an agri-commodities trading platform that sources the best produce from farming community centers. Our main commodities are currently horticulture, mainly chilis, potatoes, and shallots. We are also able to source good quality leafy green vegetables.